4 Reasons Why Clients Love SENTIO


We know that SENTIO’s predictive hiring assessments can help your business, but don’t just take it from us. Hear from our current customers on why using SENTIO is worth it, plus the different use cases!

1. Analyze Applicants Faster

“One example I always use is the time I had a great phone interview with a Manager candidate. SENTIO scored this person as a “red”, meaning they were a poor fit, but I went ahead and invited them to our offices in Charleston for an in-person interview anyway because they had all the qualifications. It took about 5 minutes for me to figure out that the person was a bad fit for the job.” – Jim W.


2. Additional Data Points

“We sent a simple survey to our employees and then SENTIO delivered their final report. From the information that was provided, they created nearly 2,000 data points!” – Rybicki S.


3. Career Pathing

“I found the most value with their career pathing functionality. SENTIO was able to determine 1) which employees didn’t mentally fit their current position and 2) where they should be moved to. This data saves our company money in training and turnover costs. Instead of firing a bottom performer and retraining someone else, we can simply move them to a position where they have a higher probability to succeed.” -Nicole B.


4. Cultural Insight

“I remember saying out loud while reading the report, ‘this is very much the culture around here’. SENTIO was able to measure our core values, needs, and collective traits.” -Lee Y.


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