The SENTIO team has been working hard to make employee assessments affordable for all companies. The way we got here is just as interesting as where we’re heading. Check us out.


Employee Assessments

Our Purpose

SENTIO’s  Applicant Matching System technology discovers the shared mental makeup characteristics of top performing employees in a given position and allows HR, and hiring, managers to compare all candidates to that profile.  We have reimagined and are reinventing the hiring process by bringing the power of psychological assessments out of the Fortune 500 boardroom and making them available to companies in any industry, of any size, from entry level positions to the c-suite.


Hiring Solution for Franchises

Our Path

The base code for SENTIO was first built by our founder Anthony (AJ) Richichi in a high school dorm room at Phillips Exeter Academy in 2013. Incidentally, the same dorm where Mark Zuckerberg lived while he was there. As a sports enthusiast AJ contemplated why some seemingly great college athletes reach the professional level and fail miserably, like Tim Tebow and Johnny Football, while other that show little signs of greatness in college go on to become hall of famers. The best example being Tom Brady, who was mediocre in college, was picked #199 in round six of the 2000 draft and who is today, possibly, the greatest quarterback to ever play the game. His conclusions was that is wasn’t in their muscles as much as it was in their mind. SENTIO was born. AJ developed the complex mathematics that aggregates mental markup data of a group and identifies what characteristics, needs and values are shared by top performers. Once that profile is established recruits could be compared to that profile and the likelihood of success could be predicted with extraordinary accuracy. In 2018 SENTIO took the predictive power of the technology and transformed it into the most advanced hiring tool available today.

Hiring Tool for Franchises

Our Name

SENTIO Definition:

To understand, realize, see

We choose the name SENTIO because understanding people, cultures, and people-business fit is what we do.  Through the use of AI and psycholinguistics, we break down the human language to understand the mental makeup of a person. Then, we understand how they compare to others at a company. Then, we are able to understand through a Match Score if they will be a good fit.

Hiring test for franchises

Our Values

Collaboration: More minds create better solutions

Commitment: Believe in what we are doing

Excellence: Good enough is never good enough

Balance: Know what’s most important

Integrity: Fair and honest dealings with others

Grind: Either find a way, or make one

Humility: Know what you don’t know and respect those that do

Winning: Out-run, out-smart, and out-work everyone

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