Talent Talk: Managing Hiring Sprees with Katharine Corona

Check out our third podcast episode of Talent Talk with our guest, Katharine Corona, who discusses the challenges and solutions …

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Conduct Open Interviews
How to Conduct Open Interviews

  In the age of low unemployment and competitive wages, open interviews are a great tool. Whether you are replacing …

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What Your Drive-Thru Staff Needs to Know

If you look at your QSR, the drive-thru can be easy to miss. It’s often not made the focal point …

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Executive Recruiter Tool
Top 4 Benefits of Using AI for Recruiting

We live in a world where artificial intelligence (AI) is applied in almost everything, including the process of recruitment. The …

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how employees are stealing from your restaurants
4 Ways Your Employees are Stealing from Your Restaurant

  You want to think you have hired the best employees. You want to think that they wouldn’t steal from …

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Attract Applicant in a Tight Labor Market
How to Attract Applicants in a Tight Labor Market

  We’ve all read the headlines about low unemployment and how available jobs outnumber job seekers. However, this isn’t a …

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Buying a Franchise
5 Things to do Before Buying a Franchise

Buying a franchise requires a big investment. It involves investing your time, capital, and dedication. Before making the leap into …

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Franchisees Employee Turnover
The Franchisees’ Guide to Employee Turnover

What would you do with an extra $100,000 this year? Read this E-Book to learn how to get extra money …

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Let Go of an Employee
How to Let Go of an Employee

  Letting go of an employee is never an easy task. People depend on their job for an income and …

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Hidden Employee Turnover Costs
5 Hidden Employee Turnover Costs

  When an employee quits or you have to let them go, what’s your first concern? Is it how to …

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