Executive Recruiter Tool
Executive Recruiting Customer Testimonial: DHG Search

As the President of DHG Search, we help clients recruit top talent in the Executive, Accounting/Finance, and IT space across …

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Healthcare Candidates
Best Practices for Hiring Healthcare Candidates

In the fast-growing healthcare field and low unemployment rate market, it can be difficult to hire in the healthcare field. …

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Franchise Guide to Job Postings for Restaurants and QSR
The Franchise Guide to Job Postings: Restaurant Edition

In this E-Book, you’ll learn about the best practices of writing job postings and why taking the time to craft …

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Hiring veterans military air force
5 Ways to Attract and Hire Veterans

  Attracting veterans to your company’s workforce takes a special approach, and there are tools for small-to-medium-sized businesses that can …

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Guide to SENTIO
The Simple Guide to SENTIO

  Hiring is difficult. SENTIO is simple. Choosing the right applicants to screen, call for a phone interview, or invite …

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Predictive Hiring for Restaurants
5 Reasons You Should Sign Up for SENTIO

At SENTIO, we are working around the clock to help your hiring process. We offer a number of tools to …

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Restaurant Hiring Best Practices
Best Practices for Restaurant Hiring

Restaurant jobs often include first jobs for students and entry-level positions for people lacking employment skills. Many restaurant owners don’t …

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Employee Engagement Plan
Creating an Employee Engagement Plan

Developing a new employee engagement plan from scratch may seem daunting, but it is an important task for leadership to …

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Employee Retention
Why Employee Retention Matters

If you’re like most business owners and managers, you already know that high employee turnover drains a significant amount of …

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Hiring Assessments for Non Profits
5 Reasons You Should Upgrade with SENTIO

At SENTIO, we are working around the clock to help your hiring process. For paid subscribers, we offer a number …

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