When to Prioritize Soft Skills Over Experience

When it comes to recruiting a team of solid employees, you may need to prioritize soft skills over experience.¬†There are …

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Employee Engagement
The Differences in Employee Engagement and Satisfaction

  Employee engagement and satisfaction are not the same thing, but they are intertwined with each other. Engaged employees are …

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first impression on hiring
The Impact of First Impressions on Hiring

  Do a quick internet search for “the most important things to do at a job interview,” and you’ll no …

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Team Building Tips for Company Culture
Team Building Tips for a United Company Culture

.   Fostering a sense of team unity is an excellent way to make your company the best it can …

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Diversity recruiting and lower employee turnover
Are You Making These Five Diversity Recruiting Mistakes?

Workplace diversity is a hot topic in public, private and non-profit organizations in every industry. Professionals and activists from many …

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building corporate culture
How to Discover Your Corporate Culture

Companies all over the country are lamenting over the quality of their corporate culture. They are obsessed with building a …

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teamwork impact on company culture
Company Culture and the Impact on Profits

Having been a senior executive at a billion-dollar company I can tell you that company culture is important, however, it …

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Hard Skills Test
Hard Skills Tests that Compliment SENTIO

A   We believe that our predictive hiring assessments are the solution for any business. Our Applicant Matching System can …

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Employee Retention
Top 10 Employee Retention Tips

Ten Simple, Effective Employee Retention Tips¬† No matter what your company uses as a baseline to establish success metrics, employee …

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How to Discover and Build Your Corporate Culture

In today’s workforce, company culture is more important than ever. Employees who match the company culture and thrive in it …

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