job boards to attract veterans
Job Boards to Attract Veterans

Members of the military are hard-working, driven individuals. However, the can face challenges when returning to civilian life. One problem …

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candidate rejection letter
How to Write a Candidate Rejection Letter

The key to conducting a great hiring process is by treating all applicants with respect. This means not only responding …

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Home Health Care Staffing during COVID-19: Lessons from our clients

Home Health providers are no strangers to working in the face of acute outbreaks. Providers previously showed their ability to …

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QSR staffing during COVID-19: Lessons from our clients

QSR owners are used to making a thousand decisions a day. Quick-service has by design been built to move fast. …

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video for recruiting applicants
How to Create a Video for Recruiting Applicants

Using video for recruiting applicants is an effective way to increase your applicant flow. However, in order for using video …

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positivity in the workplace
The Power of Positivity in the Workplace

A positive outlook has a major impact in the workplace. From hiring to retaining employees, a positive attitude by management …

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interview questions front desk personnel
Interview Questions for Front Desk Personnel

When making a new hire, it’s important to take your time to determine which applicant will be the best fit …

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Promoting from Within vs. Hiring Outside

You need to make a management-level hire. Do you turn to internal employees or search for external new hires? This …

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characteristic based interview questions
Characteristic Trait Based Interview Questions to Ask Applicants

SENTIO’s hiring platform is designed to assist managers and HR professionals in making the best data-backed hires. From knowing which …

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video for recruiting
5 Effective Ways to Use Video for Recruiting

We know that video captures the attention of target audiences over other forms of communication like text and images. In …

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