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We Solve the Hiring Crisis


49% of new hourly hires leave within a year, and even more in the restaurant industry.


It takes 42 days, on average,
to hire a new employee.


It costs almost $5,000 on average
to replace an hourly employee.

How the System Works

Assess Top Employees

With the use of a 3-5 question pre employment assessment,
we’ll tell you what your best employees have in common.
This creates the benchmark Success Profile.

Send the Survey

A click of a button can send the survey
to all applicants in your database.
Or, include the survey link on the job posting itself.

Magic in Progress

Our innovative system combines psycholinguistics
with AI to calculate a Match Score for each applicant
compared to the Success Profile.

Analyze Your Applicants

A quick glance will show you which applicants
have the highest Match Score, and therefore will be
more dependable, engaged, and retain longer.

Included Tools



Throughout the hiring process, you are forced to bounce from tool-to-tool in order to make a hire. Boost removes these steps by connecting a company’s HR tech stack to the SENTIO platform, regardless of the ATS, HCM, or Job Board. Simply download Boost, go to any page on the internet, and send out a survey or review candidates with two simple clicks.



Applicant Tracking

SENTIO’s Applicant Tracking System keeps you, well, on track. Know what stage of the hiring process each applicant currently resides, store resumes within their candidate profile, and collect your thoughts in the notes section. No longer will you depend on the organized chaos of Excel or simply losing a folder of resumes. All from within the SENTIO platform.


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