Assessment technology for
data-driven hiring

No need to read hundreds of applications. SENTIO’s assessment technology pairs job and candidate profiles to ensure you only review and hire individuals that fit your company.

Know your candidates with predictive hiring assessments

Know candidates before the first interview

SENTIO’s simplicity and low cost brings the well-established power of assessments to every size company and every position. Just as the C-Suite of Fortune 500 companies make informed hiring decisions, a local coffee shop can use SENTIO’s world-class assessments to hire the best possible baristas.

Pre-employment assessments for small businesses

Assessments for every position

Traditional personality assessments have only been utilized for high-level positions due to the cost and time involved with the assessment. SENTIO pre-hire assessments allow talent acquisition teams and hiring managers to assess any level employee. Now there is no reason not to know every candidate before you make an offer.

pre-hire hiring assessments

Four easy steps to find your next best staff member



SENTIO determines the mental makeup of your best staff members via a nine question online survey.


The platform discovers what those staff members have in common to build a tailored Success Profile.


Candidates complete the same survey, and SENTIO compares their data to the Success Profile.


SENTIO produces a predictive assessment on each candidate that helps determine the best possible hire.

“With SENTIO, I now only interview and hire people that have the core values, strengths, and needs of our top performers.”

Jim Wahlstrom, Director of Human Resources
Hall’s Management Group
Data driven hiring assessments

The Science of SENTIO

SENTIO uses the sophisticated and proven science of psycholinguistics to create mental makeup analyses. We didn’t invent psycholinguistics. In fact, the theory was first developed in 1936 by a professor at Indiana University, Dr. Jacob Kantor. The science has been used to diagnose mental illnesses, create better customer service experiences, and much more.

Using artificial intelligence and complex mathematics, the technology deconstructs language into its primary usage components and assigns personality characteristics to each component. SENTIO uses a combination of existing and proprietary research to ensure an accurate mental makeup assessment.

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