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What does SENTIO do?

Predict Success

Before you even review their resume, SENTIO’s pre employment test and hiring software provides hiring managers with a Match Score on every job applicant based on your needs and company culture. Only reviewing and hiring candidates with the best Match Score reduces your time to hire and turnover.


Data Driven pre-employment assessments

pre-hire assessments

How does SENTIO work?

AI Powered Hiring

SENTIO assesses job applicants faster, and more accurately, than ever before with the power of the IBM Watson AI system. Combined with the 80-year science of Psycholinguistics, the relationship between language and behavior, SENTIO’s Applicant Matching is 94% accurate in determining a candidates likelihood to succeed in a job role.


Why is SENTIO different?

Assess Every Job

Before SENTIO, traditional hiring assessments for job candidates were costly, weren’t tailored to your business and were only used on senior level positions. With our Applicant Matching System, you can now assess every job applicant as they apply, across all job roles, for only $99 a month.


Data Driven Predictive Hiring Assessments

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