Hiring solution for franchises

The Franchise Hiring Solution Built to Reduce Employee Turnover.

SENTIO compares applicants to your top employees, instantly showing you the best people to hire.


What You Can Do with SENTIO

Hiring solution for franchises

Save time & money by
hiring great matches

SENTIO’s hiring tool for retail stores provides hiring managers with a Match Score on every job applicant based on your current best employees – all before you even review a resume. This means less screening time, better hires, and less turnover.

Hiring tool for franchises

Only hire dependable people with
AI powered tech

SENTIO assesses retail applicants faster, and more accurately, than ever before with the power of the IBM Watson AI system.
Stay competitive in your time to hire with faster analytics.

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Hiring tool for franchises

From the cashier to the manager,
assess all positions

Before SENTIO, traditional assessments for retail recruitment were costly, weren’t tailored, and were only used on executive positions in Fortune 500 companies. Our retail management software, featuring our Applicant Matching System, allows you to assess every applicant for only $99 a month.


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  • Unlimited Assessments
  • Live Customer Support
  • 10-250 employees
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  • Unlimited Assessments
  • Live Customer Support
  • 250+ employees
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