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Use SENTIO to discover your Mental Makeup and how it compares to these
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Parks & Rec

Do you enjoy helping others and working with a fun team? Get compared to Leslie, Tom, and Ron.

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Silicon Valley

Are you an innovator? See how you compare to Dinesh, Richard, and Gilfoyle.

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The Office

From meeting sales quotes to surviving prank wars, could you work with Jim, Michael, and Dwight?

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Grey’s Anatomy

How do you to compare to Meredith Grey? See how you compare to your favorite surgeons.

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SENTIO for Job Seekers

Bring a Resume to Life with Your Personality Profile

When looking for your next position, you typically have to rely on your resume and cover letter to convey your experience. Unfortunately, neither do a great job at giving hiring managers insight into your soft skills. Adding this Mental Makeup Analysis to your resume is a great way to differentiate yourself from other candidates and show employers what you’re made of.

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