While we like to think our hiring software, including our Applicant Matching System, Applicant Tracking, and SENTIO Boost is the best pre-hire assessment tool available today, it’s great to hear our customers love the platform and it’s helping them meet their hiring goals.

SENTIO Restaurant testimonial

We are currently using SENTIO to hire Managers. The reports have been impressive and useful. It has saved me from extra interviews and bad hires. One example I always use is the time I had a great phone interview with a Manager candidate. SENTIO scored this person as a “red”, meaning they were a poor fit, but I went ahead and invited them to our offices in Charleston for an in-person interview anyway because they had all the qualifications. It took about 5 minutes for me to figure out that the person was a bad fit for the job. With SENTIO, I now only interview and hire people that have the core values, strengths, and needs of our top performers.

— Jim Wahlstrom | Director of Human Resources and Recruitment
Hall’s Management Group

SENTIO Testimonial from Client

One of the greatest problems that companies face today is hiring the right people. SENTIO allows me to quickly run assessments on new candidates and current employees. When first reviewing the SENTIO assessments, I remember saying out loud, “this is very much the culture around here”. SENTIO was able to measure our core values, needs, and collective traits.

I beamed at the results and said “spot on” five or six times during review. The technology accurately measured the performance level of 29 out of 29 (100%) of my employees… all from a nine question online survey!

— Lee Yarborough | President, Propel HR

SENTIO Testimonial

I first met the SENTIO team after being introduced by our trusted partners at ADP. I instantly saw the technology as a way to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. I imagined using SENTIO for our clients — we could run external SENTIO analyses to make better placements. The idea of matching talent that we source to our client’s cultures is very appealing!​

Before using the software with our clients, we engaged with an internal test. After sending out the survey to the team, SENTIO accurately predicted the performance level of 14 out of 15 employees… without any resumes, performance reports, or meetings. I couldn’t believe it! I was amazed by the accuracy of the report, especially the individual personality assessments.

— Brad Ledford | President, DHG Search

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