While we like to think our hiring software, which includes our Applicant Matching System, Applicant Tracking System, and SENTIO Boost, is the best pre-hire assessment tool available today, it’s great to hear our customers love the platform and it’s helping them meet their goals.


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Firehouse Subs hiring solution

How has SENTIO helped your hiring process?

“You try and set up interviews and reach out to talk to people. We would set up 10 interviews and maybe 1 would show up. The frustration is that you try to weed through the applicants and they don’t even show up for interviews. What’s nice about SENTIO is that it requires them to do just a little bit extra. What we’ve seen is the candidate pool we’ve had has scored high, and they’ve all shown up for the interview. In addition, the people who have come in have all been good, so I’m able to be selective instead of just taking anybody that applies.”

Josh Culbreth
Firehouse Subs Franchisee

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The software has predicted accurately which candidates fit our business. Anyone that was a red has already been terminated.

Right at Home Franchisee


How do you use SENTIO to hire?

“We are currently using SENTIO to hire Managers. The reports have been impressive and useful. It has saved me from extra interviews and bad hires. One example I always use is the time I had a great phone interview with a Manager candidate. SENTIO scored this person as a “red”, meaning they were a poor fit, but I went ahead and invited them to our offices in Charleston for an in-person interview anyway because they had all the qualifications. It took about 5 minutes for me to figure out that the person was a bad fit for the job. With SENTIO, I now only interview and hire people that have the core values, strengths, and needs of our top performers.”

Jim Wahlstrom
HR Director at Hall Management Group
South Carolina

We hired two applicants that were in the green (high match) and they have been rockstars. We hired one in the red (low match) and we fired them eight days later.

taco bell Taco Bell Operator
Firehouse Subs hiring solution

Why did you select SENTIO?

“I like that no one else is really doing what you’re doing. Taking a new approach to solving common hiring issues like sourcing and employee turnover. They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. What intrigued me about SENTIO is that it’s taking a different angle at the problem.”

Josh Culbreth
Firehouse Subs Franchisee

I can say that our turnover rate has significantly slowed down which is a great thing.

glowfisch hospitality Joe Fischbein, Glowfisch Hospitality
South Carolina

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