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How We’re Different

Tailored Assessments

SENTIO is built for every position spanning from a line cook to a GM.

Budget Friendly

SENTIO is just a fraction of the cost of traditional assessments.

Faster Screening

SENTIO saves you time by screening candidates earlier.

Data Driven

Powered by IBM Watson AI, results are data-driven and accurate.

Franchise Hiring Tool


Made for Franchisees

Traditional assessment tools presume to know what it takes to be successful in every organization. They overgeneralize position requirements, and claim that all salespeople, as an example, have the same personality traits from company to company and industry to industry. What we know to a mathematical certainty is that every culture is different. Every job is different. Does a Chick-fil-A cashier have the same mental makeup as a cook at Burger King? No.

Aside from the low cost and platform simplicity, the most significant feature of our hiring software for franchises is the proprietary Success Profile. A “Success Profile” is the aggregate mental makeup data of your organization’s top performing employees. In simplest terms, SENTIO determines the collective needs, values, and characteristics of your top performers and uses that as a benchmark to assess all future candidates.

Hiring software for franchises

Hiring software for franchises

$99 for Unlimited Use

Companies in the United States spent nearly $420 billion last year on hiring. Despite these resources, the average turnover rate for hourly employees surpassed 49% with some industries exceeding 100%.

Because SENTIO’s hiring software for franchises is powered by IBM Watson, we are able to offer world class technology at a budget friendly price for multi-unit franchisees. Avoiding just one bad hire per year gives you a 5x ROI when you use SENTIO’s hiring software for franchises.

Applicant Tracking System

Streamlined Hiring

SENTIO’s hiring software for franchises leverages the power of hiring assessments to evaluate each applicant, before you ever review their resume. Instead of scanning through hundreds of resumes, you’ll see which candidates are the best fit for the position. Focusing on the candidates with the highest likelihood to succeed reduces the number of screening interviews required to make a great hire. Plus, with an integrated ATS,  you can go move people through the hiring stages and communicate with them within one platform.

Franchise Software for Hiring Hourly Employees

Hiring Software for Franchises

AI Backed Data

Using artificial intelligence and complex mathematics, the technology deconstructs language into its primary usage components and assigns personality characteristics to each component. SENTIO’s hiring software for franchises uses a combination of existing and proprietary research to ensure an accurate mental makeup assessment. The system has a 94% success rate of predicting whether someone will be a great match to a company.

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